Uva: [00:00:00] At our very core, at the heart of who we are, Springpoint Partners is an organization that champions community driven change and promotes justice. And we approach this work by seeking out and investing in transformational leaders, networks, and solutions applying human centered frameworks within our priority areas.

Youth development, animal welfare, community rooted and water sector leadership, Human centered learning and ownership and wealth building. This podcast, Our Wellspring is dedicated space for values, aligned leaders to be centered, amplified, honored, and celebrated. In our first season, we will listen to leaders as they reflect on their origin stories, how [00:01:00] who they are.

Has informed not only what they do, but also the how of it here. We will hear leaders talk about their work, their teams, their impact, and the causes and communities they serve. We will hear about their early beginnings. About belonging in community, about being rendered invisible or hyper visible, sometimes both.

They will talk about identity, race, gender, socioeconomics, and many points in between. At Our Wellspring, leaders will share their impact stories, but of equal importance, they will share how their humanity has impacted that leadership story. Every episode is the source, the spring of something beautiful, something meaningful along the leadership journey.

Welcome to Spring Point Partners, Our Wellspring. I am your host, [00:02:00] Uwe Cristina Coles. Bienvenidos.

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