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In this episode, Uva Coles, Our WellSpring’s host and Spring Point Partners’ Chief Learning Officer, speaks to Catherine Murphy, President of Spring Point Partners. In our pursuit to uncover origin stories this season, we must begin with our own. Catherine speaks on her passion and pursuit of leadership, while not always identifying as a leader. Hear about the early seeds that Spring Point Partners planted, Catherine’s work as the “conductor” in this co-creation, and how being relentlessly hopeful will help them forge ahead in the years to come. 


Catherine Murphy, President & Senior Advisor to the Berwind Family
As president and senior advisor to the Berwind Family, Catherine Murphy brings a commitment to service and innovative leadership acumen to Spring Point Partners. Since joining the Berwind Corporation 17 years ago and helping the owners build their family office, she has pioneered efforts to create and bolster social value through impact investments and grantmaking. Through SPP, she continues to support stakeholders while ensuring continued innovation. She is a mother of three with a passion for children, animals, and the outdoors.

Our WellSpring Host

Uva Coles, Chief Learning Officer
Uva Coles serves as Chief Learning Officer for Spring Point Partners. As the organization’s external learning steward, Uva’s leadership ensures that equity, human-centered leadership, and narrative change are woven through every aspect of SPP’s partner-based learning deliveries. A writer, speaker, inclusive organizational strategist, and lifelong learner, Uva believes every room we step into is a classroom. Sometimes we are teachers; sometimes we are students. Our best learning happens, she believes, when we can be both.  

Key Takeaways 

  • The importance of humility, grace, and finding the joy in making mistakes while on the journey of becoming a leader. 
  • Trust, learning, and trying new things are values that sit at the center of the work being done at Spring Point Partners.
  • One can get lost at sea without core values and tying every part of your work to represent those values - allows the work to stay centered. 

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Leading Leaders
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