Reclaiming Our Education

In this special bonus episode, our host, Uva Coles, speaks to YouthBuild student leaders Adrianna Avila and Mirahcle Sanders. Adrianna and Mirahcle are bonded by a time-tested friendship and by navigating similarly challenging experiences. Both emerging leaders in their own right, the duo  found the support system, agency, and community they were seeking at YouthBuild Philadelphia. They talk about their early learnings,  the importance of mentorship, and their community-rooted and ever-evolving career aspirations.

  • Having the same expectations for everyone doesn’t work

  • We have to heal ourselves and our homes in order to begin to heal our communities

  • Showing up for ourselves is critically important

  • Mentorship, no matter one’s role or title,  is a strong signal to young people that the adults in their schools, communities, and lives are all invested and care


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Reclaiming Our Education
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